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Considering Abortion in Barnhart, Mo

Considering Abortion in Barnhart, Mo | Hand 'n Hand

Do you live in Jefferson County in or near Barnhart and find yourself facing a pregnancy you did not plan?  What steps should you take before making a pregnancy decision?

  1. Verify your pregnancy
  2. Get an ultrasound
  3. Understand different types of abortion

Why verify your pregnancy?  

A urine pregnancy test reveals the presence of HcG (the hormone a woman produces when she is pregnant) – however, this type of test does not verify that you are pregnant.   Only an ultrasound can determine if you have an ectopic pregnancy or if you may be miscarrying. Up to 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage within the first trimester.  An abortion is not the right procedure for a woman with an ectopic pregnancy or a woman who is in the process of miscarriage.  

Why get an ultrasound?

An ultrasound determines:

  • If you have a viable pregnancy (when the embryo/fetus is located in your uterus and there is a heartbeat), 
  • If you have an ectopic (outside your uterus) pregnancy, 
  • If there is a heartbeat
  • If a woman is carrying multiples (twins or greater).  According to Stanford Medicine, the multiple birth rate is rising, and twins and other higher-order multiples have risen dramatically. 

An ultrasound will date your pregnancy which determines what type of abortion is available.  At Hand ‘n Hand, we provide limited OB ultrasounds free to all our clients. 

Why understand the different types of abortion?

We will share all the procedures and risks associated with medical abortions (abortion pill) and surgical abortions (in-clinic) at each stage of pregnancy. 

Why Hand ‘n Hand?

Our Client Advocates care about you and can help you process and make an informed decision. We understand each person’s situation is unique and we want to provide you with options and resources.  Our clinic is conveniently located in Barnhart – right off Highway 61- 67,  where all of our services are at no cost to you.  Make your free appointment by clicking HERE.


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We do not perform or refer for abortions but we do provide 100% free support, pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and hope!  We will not profit from your decision.