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Can the Abortion Pill Cause a Miscarriage?

Understanding the Difference: Medical Abortion vs. Miscarriage

While abortion pills are sometimes referred to as “miscarriage pills,” it’s important to distinguish between a medical abortion and a miscarriage.

  • Medical Abortion: An elective procedure that terminates a pregnancy before the 10th week using a regimen of drugs commonly known as the abortion pill.
  • Miscarriage: A spontaneous loss of pregnancy before the 20th week that occurs naturally and is not induced by any external actions.

By definition, a medical abortion is a deliberate process initiated with medication, whereas a miscarriage happens spontaneously without external intervention.

If you are considering taking the abortion pill, it is crucial to confirm your pregnancy and how far along you are with a free on-site pregnancy test and, if necessary, an ultrasound to confirm viability.

Similarities Between Medical Abortion and Miscarriage

Medical abortions and miscarriages are often compared because both result in the termination of a pregnancy and share similar symptoms, side effects, and risks:

  • Cramping and pain in the lower abdomen
  • Discharge of fluid and bleeding
  • Discharge of tissue
  • Cessation of pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness and breast tenderness
  • Both require medical oversight to reduce the risk of infection

Despite these similarities, it’s essential to understand that a medical abortion is an induced process, while a miscarriage occurs naturally.

Next Steps

  1. Free Ultrasound: Find out exactly how far along you are with a free ultrasound.
  2. Consult a Medical Professional: Discuss your pregnancy options based on the ultrasound findings and your health history. 
  3.  Make an Appointment

We can help you gather this information through free pregnancy testing and ultrasound confirmation services before you decide. No insurance is required. 


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