Considering Adoption?

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Adoption isn't right for everyone, but is certainly a heroic decision.  Adoption is not abandonment; it is a loving, responsible act.  Adoption is a challenging and selfless choice.

You may consider adoption if you:

  • are not ready to parent
  • want to provide your child with a 2 parent family
  • want to provide your child with emotional and financial stability

It is normal to be experiencing an array of fears, concerns and perceived obstacles as you consider adoption. Very courageous and unselfish women choose adoption.

Expectant mothers have choices when it comes to adoption planning.

The face of adoption looks very different than it did in previous generations. Today when you choose adoption, you play an active role in every part of the adoption process. You are able to customize your own adoption plan. After reviewing several profiles completed by adoptive parents, you can select the family that best "fits" you and your baby. You can make choices every step of the way.

Adoption Types--You Choose!!
  • Open

You choose your child's family. You will be able to communicate directly with them about your child through letters, pictures, and possibly even phone calls and visits. Your child will grow up knowing who you are.

  • Semi-Open

You choose the type of family your child grows up in. You may learn how your child is doing through pictures or letters that the adoption agency or lawyer shares with you. Sometimes you may know your child's full name or location.

  • Closed

If you choose not to have contact with your child in the future, your child's family will be selected for you. Neither you or the adoptive family will know each other's identity, but the agency may share medical information to help the family care for your child. Adoption agencies sometimes require adoptive families to submit letters and pictures of the adopted child several times a year until the age of 18 for the agency files.

What rights does the father of the baby have?

Your baby's father typically has legal rights related to adoption. State laws determine his options for providing input into the adoption and how he must be notified. If the father does not support your choice of adoption, he has long-term responsibilities to support his child.

Is adoption right for you?

If you are thinking about making an adoption plan, Hand 'n Hand can refer you to a reputable adoption agency that will walk you through the various adoption options to fit your unique situation. Call to request an appointment to meet with us to explore this option.

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We are here to help you get the answers to your questions so you can make a fully informed decision about which option is right for you.