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If you have a positive pregnancy test result and are considering an abortion, you have the right to have all of your questions answered before making any decisions. This fetal development information will allow you to understand the growth of your baby through each stage of pregnancy. The weeks of pregnancy are determined from the first day of your last period.

Stages of Fetal Development

First Trimester
  • Week 4 - Positive pregnancy test
  • Week 5 - Brain, spinal cord and heart begin to develop
  • Week 6 - Neural tube that will become the spine closes and the heart is pumping blood
  • Week 7 - Nostrils and eye lenses start to form
  • Week 8 - Brainwave activity begins and the baby's arms and legs have grown longer
  • Week 9 - Elbows and toes can be seen and all internal organs are forming
  • Week 10 - Breathing movements begin but the baby still gets oxygen through the umbilical cord
  • Week 11 - Facial features develop
  • Weeks 12-14 - Baby makes its own blood cells, can form a fist and is developing tooth buds; the nose and lips are completely developed
Second Trimester
  • Weeks 15-18 - Baby will suck it's thumb and kick and now has fine hair; the intestinal tract is functioning
  • Weeks 19-21 - Baby can hear you singing and talking; fingernails are almost fully grown; you can feel your baby move
  • Weeks 22-25 - Baby has eyelashes and fingernails and is very active; the bone marrow is making blood cells, and the lungs are developing but do not make surfactant which is necessary for the baby to breath outside of the womb
  • Weeks 26-28 -- Baby's hearing and sight are completely developed now; your baby can now create tears; if born at this time, your baby would have an 85% survival rate
Third Trimester
  • Weeks 29-31 - Rhythmic breathing and body temperature are now controlled by the brain; the lungs are capable of breathing air, although medical help may be needed
  • Weeks 32-34 - Baby has eyes that are open during alert times and closed during sleep; almost all babies born at this state of growth will survive
  • Weeks 35-37 - Baby weighs about 5.5 pounds at this stage; muscles and bones are fully developed
  • Weeks 38-40 - Your baby could be born any day now; at the time of birth, a baby has more than 70 reflex behaviors, which are automatic behaviors necessary for survival

We are here to help you get the answers to your questions so you can make a fully informed decision about which option is right for you.