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Questions about Parenting?
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Is The Parenting Option Right For Me?

Being a good parent is both challenging and rewarding. Some questions to ask yourself when choosing this option:

Will I have the support I need to take care of myself and my baby?
Am I willing to make adjustments in my lifestyle to care for my baby?
Can I commit to provide for my child's physical, social and emotional needs?

Different Parenting Options

  • Married Parenting
    Have you considered this option with the baby's father? Research shows that on an average, children do better economically, psychologically, socially and educationally when they are raised by married parents who love each other and their children.
  • Co-Parenting
    You and your baby's father can share parenting responsibilities whether you live in the same house or not. Research shows that children are at risk when they don't have involved fathers.
  • Single Parenting
    Not having a father present may be hard for both you and your child. When you choose to parent alone, your child's needs will demand most of your attention. Given determination and a supportive environment, many women can--and have--succeeded as single parents.

If you choose the Parenting Option, we can help. Women who receive their pregnancy test at Hand 'n Hand are invited to participate in the Caring Hands Pregnancy Support Program. Caring Hands consists of 8 individual monthly sessions where you will learn about healthy pregnancy and infant care. You will receive an infant care item at each session attended. Upon completion of all 8 sessions, you will be rewarded with an infant layette and a bonus item.