A.R.M. Abortion Recovery Ministry

If you regret your abortion, you are not alone. Many women who faced an unplanned pregnancy felt they had no other choice but to choose the option of abortion. They felt their life was off track…and they needed a quick fix.

But abortion has left many women scarred and left with unimaginable loss. Maybe your memories of that day…that hour…will not stay buried in the back of your brain. You may find yourself suffering from depression, drug or alcohol use, difficulty sleeping, loss of self esteem and flashbacks.

You may feel alone and think that no one would understand what you’re going through.  But you are not alone. We can help.

Hand ‘n Hand has an abortion recovery ministry called A.R.M.  It is an 8 week study that is offered either individually or in a small group setting.  Our A.R.M. team offers a non-judgmental environment in which you can begin your healing process. They provide a safe place to be honest with yourself about your experience and the impact it has had on your life.  Some of the women who have been through our class have one abortion in their past, some have multiple abortions.

It’s time to learn to forgive yourself and begin a new stage of your life.  For more information about participation in A.R.M., contact Hand ‘n Hand.