Kim's Adoption Story

The following letter is a true love story. The letter was written by one mom to another mom and shows just how beautiful an open adoption can be.

Dear Crystal, 

It is early Saturday morning and everyone in our house is still asleep. I am sitting here thinking of you...thinking of what an incredible girl you much you mean to us... how much you have invested in Christina's life already... and how truly thankful we are for you. Today is just one of many days that we are reminded of this! 

Although this is such a joyful, special day as we celebrate Christina's first birthday, we also know it is probably a day that may bring very mixed emotions for you. Such joy for the precious little girl that you brought into this world just 365 days ago, but probably some tears as you are reminded of how emotionally hard it has been at times. We want you to know that we will never forget how difficult this process was and still is for you sometimes. The amount of courage you have shown throughout the last several months and continue to show is indescribable, and there will never be any words to adequately describe how grateful we are for the sacrifice you made for her and for us. Thanks for choosing life! Thanks for taking great care of yourself during your pregnancy...she is such a healthy little girl. And thanks for being involved in her life, even when it is emotionally hard. And most of all, thanks for letting us be a part of your life. You have truly become part of our family, and for that we will always be grateful. 

When you chose adoption for your precious little girl, you probably had no idea the number of lives you would impact forever. We never, ever want to take for granted the incredible gift that you gave to us on that day. In turn, we so desire to raise her to know you well, to honor you, and to always appreciate you and the selfless decision that you made for her. Crystal, we see so much of you in Christina already...mainly in her zest for life, her smile, and her love for people. It brings us such joy, and we proudly tell people what a reflection of you she is. You will always be the one who brought her into this the place of "birth mom" is and always will be a pretty special place in our home. So on this day as we celebrate her, we want you to know that we celebrate you as well. You are an amazing girl. You mean the world to us, and we will forever thank God that YOU are our birth mom and that He brought you and your family into our lives. We love you, Crystal, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow to celebrate together.

Much love,

Doug and Kim

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