Samantha's Story

A True Testimonial from a Friend of Hand 'n Hand

I first noticed Hand 'n Hand from a sign on the road. Let me tell you my story of a very difficult time in my life.

I had just left my husband due to violence within the home. At this time, I only had my children and clothes in my car. Luckily, my uncle took us in to stay at his house. I had a feeling that I might be pregnant, but was hoping not...because of how dangerous my life was at the time. I went to Hand 'n Hand in desperate need of help.

Finding out that I was pregnant with a new child during this hard time really crushed me. I was not sure if I wanted a new baby or if I should just get rid of the child. I had two kids already that I was having a hard time raising alone. Now I am homeless with no money or job. I had never been so scared to be having a baby, with all these worries in my life. During this hard time, the staff opened their ears and hearts to me and my family. 

I just pretended that she was not real until I could think what to do next. My head was spinning. I only talked about the new baby to my caregiver at Hand 'n Hand. They checked in on me and was always there for me when I just needed a person to hold my hand. 

Hand 'n Hand always made sure they helped me to explore all my options. We talked abortion together; we met with an adoption agency and talked about my raising the child. After being pregnant for about 7 months, I decided that I was going to parent my baby. They were there to support every decision I made and stood by me the whole way. 

During this time, I still had not told my family that I was pregnant with another child. I was still living with a family member and still did not have everything together in my life. However, with the support of Hand 'n Hand, I was able to tell my family. Even when my family was so mad and wanted nothing to do with me, Hand 'n Hand was there for me. 

I remember being so low and not wanting to start my day, because of all the drama and issues going on. Then all of a sudden my phone went off and it was my caregiver at Hand 'n Hand checking on me to see if everything was ok and if I needed anything. 

Now after nine long months of no money, confusion and sadness, I know I made the best decision in my life. I have a beautiful baby girl. I am thankful that Hand 'n Hand was there for my family and I. Most of my success of getting back up from an abusive relationship, and being homeless had to do with the team at Hand 'n Hand not giving up on me. I owe most of, if not all of my baby stuff to them. This place has changed my life, and is still helping me get through times even now. Now, I am working full time in an office for the State of Missouri; and working on getting a new house for my children and me. I also found that even when I thought my whole world was over, God had a plan for me.

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